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    • Speech
    Molecular modelling of usambarensine, tubulosine and emetine, three cytotoxic and amoebicide alkaloids
    Quetin-Leclercq, Joëlle[UCL] Dupont, Léon Wright, Colin W. Phillipson, J. David Warhurst, David C. Angenot, Luc (1991) International Research Congress on Natural Products - 32nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Pharmacognosy — (United Kingdom) Chicago, IL
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    Critical evaluation of the DNA-methyl green assay : application to some indole alkaloids
    Bonjean, Karine De Pauw-Gillet, Marie-Claire Quetin-Leclercq, Joëlle[UCL] Wright, Colin W. Angenot, Luc Bassleer, Roger[UCL] (1996) 1st Joint Meeting of Belgian, Dutch, Spanish and Italian Research Group on Pharmacognosy — (Italy) Napoli