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    • Speech
    Improved synthesis of gain-boosted regulated-cascode CMOS stages using symbolic analysis and gm/ID methodology
    Flandre, Denis[UCL] Viviani, A Eggermont, JP. Gentinne, B. Jespers, PGA.[UCL] (1997) 22nd European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC 96) — Neufchâtel (Switzerland)
    • Journal article
    Integrated sensor and electronic circuits in fully depleted SOI technology for high-temperature applications
    Demeus, Laurent[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] Dessard, Vincent[UCL] Viviani, A[UCL] Andriaensen, Stéphane[UCL] (2001) IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics — Vol. 48, no. 2, p. 272-280 (2001)
    • Journal article
    Substrate crosstalk reduction using SOI technology
    Raskin, Jean-Pierre[UCL] Viviani, A[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] Colinge, Jean-Pierre[UCL] (1997) IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices — Vol. 44, no. 12, p. 2252-2261 (1997)