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    • Speech
    Integrating online social networks in student achievement prediction techniques
    Vignery, Kristel[USL-B] (2014) 4th Belgian Network Research Meeting : BENet 2014 — Université libre de Bruxelles
    • Speech
    Centrality and connectedness in student networks as predictors of academic achievement
    Vignery, Kristel[USL-B] (2018) XXXVIII Sunbelt Conference — Utrecht, Netherlands
    • Speech
    Student Networks and Academic Achievement: Methodological Lessons and Proposals from the Literature 2000-2015
    Vignery, Kristel[USL-B] (2016) 7th International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World : IMCW2016 — Vienna
    • Journal article
    Achievement in student peer networks: A study of the selection process, peer effects and student centrality
    Vignery, Kristel[USL-B] Laurier, Wim[USL-B] (2020) International Journal of Educational Research — Vol. 99, p. 101499 (2020)
    • Speech
    From networked students’ centrality to student networks’ density: What really matters for student performance?
    Vignery, Kristel[USL-B] Laurier, Wim[USL-B] (2019) The 10th Conference on Network Modeling and Analysis (MARAMI 2019) — Dijon (France)