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    • Speech
    Ground-Penetrating-Radar Characterization of Water as a Function of Frequency, Salinity and Temperature
    Jadoon, Khan Zaib[UCL] André, Frédéric[UCL] van der Kruk, J. Slob, E. Vereecken, Harry Lambot, Sébastien[UCL] (2011) 6th International workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (IWAGPR2011) — Aachen Germany
    • Speech
    Soil Moisture Retrieval Using L-Band Radiometer and Ground-Penetrating Radar
    Jonard, François Weihermüller, Lutz Schwank, Mike Vereecken, Harry Lambot, Sébastien[UCL] (2011) IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) — Vancouver, Canada
    • Journal article
    Effect of antenna-medium coupling in the analysis of ground-penetrating radar data
    Lambot, Sébastien[UCL] André, Frédéric[UCL] Slob, Evert Vereecken, Harry (2012) Near Surface Geophysics — Vol. 10, no.1957, p. 631-639 (2012)
    • Speech
    Ground-Based Radiometer Activities at the Agrosphere Institute
    Jonard, François Montzka, Carsten Weihermüller, Lutz Vereecken, Harry (2011) ELBARA II Workshop for data processing and quality control — ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands