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    • BookChapter
    Exposure of cyclists to ultra fine particles
    Thomas, Isabelle[UCL] Vandenbulcke, Grégory[UCL] Meeusen, Romain de Geus, Bas Mishra, Vinit Torfs, Rudi Bleux, Nico Panis, Luc I. (2009) Highway and Urban Environment : Proceedings of the 9th Highway and Urban Environment symposium —
    • Speech
    Cycling to work : modeling spatial variations within Belgium
    Dujardin, Claire[UCL] Thomas, Isabelle[UCL] Vandenbulcke, Grégory[UCL] (2008) 48th European Congress of the Regional Science Association International — Liverpool
    • Journal article
    Predicting cycling accident risk in Brussels: A spatial case-control approach
    Vandenbulcke, Grégory[UCL] Thomas, Isabelle[UCL] Int Panis, Luc (2013) Accident Analysis & Prevention — Vol. 62, p. 341-357 (2014)
    • BookChapter
    Exposure to Particulate Matter in Traffic when Cycling
    Willems, Hanny Degraeuwe, Bart De Geus, Bas Vandenbulcke, Grégory Thomas, Isabelle[UCL] (2015) Cycling Futures: From Research into Practice — [ISBN : 978-1472453617]
    • Journal article
    Cycle commuting in Belgium: spatial determinants and 're-cycling' strategies
    Vandenbulcke, Grégory[UCL] Dujardin, Claire[UCL] Thomas, Isabelle[UCL] de Geus, Bas Degraeuwe, Bart Meeusen, Romain Int Panis, Luc (2010) Transportation Research. Part A: Policy & Practice — Vol. 45, no. 2, p. 118-137 (2010)
    • Journal article
    Mapping accessibility in Belgium : a tool for land-use and transport planning ?
    Vandenbulcke, Grégory[UCL] Steenberghen, Thérèse Thomas, Isabelle[UCL] (2009) Journal of Transport Geography — Vol. 17, no. 1, p. 39-53 (2009)