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    • Journal article
    Yeasts in traditional Moroccan goat cheese
    Ouadghiri, Mouna Amar, Mohamed Daniel, Heide-Marie[UCL] Swings, Jean Vandamme, Peter (2014) African Journal of Microbiology Research — Vol. 8, no.32, p. 3029-3037 (2014)
    • Journal article
    Alloscardovia omnicolens gen. nov., sp. nov., from human clinical samples.
    Huys, Geert Vancanneyt, Marc D'Haene, Klaas Falsen, Enevold Wauters, Georges[UCL] Vandamme, Peter (2007) International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology — Vol. 57, no. Pt 7, p. 1442-6 (2007)