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    • Speech
    Simultaneous N-ANP and ET-1 Profiling Better Predicts Modes of Death in Chronic Heart Failure
    Jong, Philip Ahn, Sylvia[UCL] Ketelslegers, Jean-Marie[UCL] Van Mieghem, Walter Rousseau, Michel[UCL] (2009) 13th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Heart-Failure-Society-of-America — Boston (Ma)
    • Journal article
    The COMmon control of hypErtenSion and Therapeutic Attitudes in Belgium and Luxemburg study (COME STAI).
    van de Borne, Philippe Missault, Luc Persu, Alexandre[UCL] Van Mieghem, Walter (2016) Acta Cardiologica : an international journal of cardiology — Vol. 71, no.1, p. 35-40 (2016)