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    • Journal article
    La communication des mouvements sociaux : Alliance D19-20 et Tout autre chose
    Van Leeckwyck, Robin[USL-B] (2016) Courrier hebdomadaire / Centre de Recherche et d'Information Socio-Politiques — Vol. 2016/38, no.2323, p. 5-50 (NaN)
    • Journal article
    Doing one’s shopping in the ‘supermarket of news': News media repertoires in French-speaking Belgium
    Van Leeckwyck, Robin[USL-B] Patriarche, Geoffroy[USL-B] Dufrasne, Marie[USL-B] (2017) Participations: International Journal of Audience and Reception Studies — Vol. 14, no. 2, p. 324-342 (2017)
    • Speech
    Role of the communication of social movements: Reaching the center from the peripheries
    Van Leeckwyck, Robin[USL-B] (2018) ECREA 2018 - Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation — Lugano
    • Speech
    What exactly is (the) news for you? Discourses on news values by the in-betweeners of journalism
    Van Leeckwyck, Robin[USL-B] (2018) What’s (the) News? Values, Viruses and Vectors of Newsworthiness — Bruxelles
    • Speech
    Social movements and ICTs: profiles and practices
    Van Leeckwyck, Robin[USL-B] (2018) ECREA - OSC 2018 - Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizen’s Activism in times of political disruption — Malaga
    • Speech
    Organiser l'action militante dans l'espace public numérique belge : Facebook ou Twitter ?
    Van Leeckwyck, Robin[USL-B] (2018) 5ème colloque international "Réseaux sociaux, Traces numériques et Communication Electronique" — Le Havre
    • Journal article
    The printed (French-speaking) alternative media in Belgium: Journalism or activism?
    Van Leeckwyck, Robin[USL-B] (2019) Journal of Alternative and Community Media — Vol. 4, no. 2, p. 44-59
    • Speech
    The printed alternative media in Belgium: journalism or activism?
    Van Leeckwyck, Robin[USL-B] (2018) ICA 2018 Journalism Studies Graduate Student Colloquium — Pragua