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    • BookChapter
    Shift policies in QR-like aglorithms and feedback control of self-similar flows
    Van Dooren, Paul[UCL] Sepulchre, Rodolphe[UCL] (1998) Open problems in mathematical systems theory and control — [ISBN : 1-85233-044-9]
    • BookChapter
    A systolic array for SVD updating
    Moonen, M. Van Dooren, Paul[UCL] Vandewalle, J. (1998) High performance VLSI signal processing, innovative architectures and algorithms-II — [ISBN : 0-7803-3469-8]
    • Speech
    Convergence of the calculation of Hoo norms and related questions
    Genin, Yves[UCL] Van Dooren, Paul[UCL] Vermaut, Vincent[UCL] (1998) Proceedings MTNS-98 — Padova (Italy)