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    • Journal article
    Plasma Membrane Lipid Domains as Platforms for Vesicle Biogenesis and Shedding?
    Pollet, Hélène[UCL] Conrard, Louise[UCL] Cloos, Anne-Sophie[UCL] Tyteca, Donatienne[UCL] (2018) Biomolecules — Vol. 8, no.3, p. 94 [1-38] (2018)
    • Journal article
    NAT6 acetylates the N-terminus of different forms of actin.
    Wiame, Elsa[UCL] Tahay, Gaëlle[UCL] Tyteca, Donatienne[UCL] Vertommen, Didier[UCL] Stroobant, Vincent[UCL] Bommer, Guido[UCL] Van Schaftingen, Emile[UCL] (2018) The FEBS journal — Vol. 285, no. 17, p. 3299-3316 (2018)
    • Journal article
    Regulation of Membrane Calcium Transport Proteins by the Surrounding Lipid Environment
    Conrard, Louise[UCL] Tyteca, Donatienne[UCL] (2019) Biomolecules — Vol. 9, no.10, p. 513 [1-46] (2019)
    • Speech
    Control of PIEZO1 activity by the membrane lipid environment
    Tyteca, Donatienne[UCL] (2020) 23nd Meeting of the European Red Cell Research Society — On line meeting (Pavia, Italy)