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    • Journal article
    Occurrence of thyroid papillary carcinoma in young patients. A Chernobyl connection?
    Blackburn, D J Michel, Luc[UCL] Rosière, Alain[UCL] Trigaux, Jean-Paul[UCL] Donckier, Julian[UCL] (2001) Journal of pediatric endocrinology & metabolism : JPEM — Vol. 14, no. 5, p. 503-506 (2001)
    • Journal article
    Which primary diagnostic tool should be used for blunt abdominal trauma?
    Michel, Luc[UCL] Trigaux, Jean-Paul[UCL] (1999) American Journal of Roentgenology — Vol. 173, no. 6, p. 1709-1709 (1999)
    • Journal article
    Unusual presentation of papillary thyroid carcinoma: about two cases.
    Heureux, F Michel, Luc[UCL] Trigaux, Jean-Paul[UCL] Delos, Monique[UCL] Donckier, Julian[UCL] (1996) Acta clinica Belgica — Vol. 51, no. 3, p. 166-9 (1996)
    • Journal article
    Spiral computed tomography with three-dimensional reconstructions for severe blunt abdominal traumas: a useful complementary tool?
    Michel, Luc[UCL] Lacrosse, M. De Canniere, Louis[UCL] Rosière, Alain[UCL] Vandenbossche, Pierre Trigaux, Jean-Paul[UCL] (1997) European journal of emergency medicine : official journal of the European Society for Emergency Medicine — Vol. 4, no. 2, p. 87-93 (1997)
    • Journal article
    Cerebrovascular Circulation Steal Syndrome Secondary To a Voluminous Retrotracheal Goiter
    Gadisseux, P. Minette, P. Trigaux, Jean-Paul[UCL] Michel, Luc[UCL] (1986) International Surgery — Vol. 71, no. 2, p. 107-109 (1986)
    • Journal article
    Recurrent pleuro-pericarditis due to gastrodiaphragmatic fistula.
    Descamps, O S Donckier, Julian[UCL] Collard, Jean-Marie[UCL] Michel, Luc[UCL] Trigaux, Jean-Paul[UCL] Melange, Michel[UCL] Buysschaert, Martin[UCL] (1990) Acta clinica Belgica — Vol. 45, no. 2, p. 126-9 (1990)
    • Journal article
    [Extracorporeal Litholapaxy - Technology, Alternative Modalities, Results and Current Status]
    Trigaux, Jean-Paul[UCL] Van Beers, Bernard[UCL] De Ronde, Thierry Michel, Luc[UCL] De Wispelaere, Jean-François[UCL] (1992) Acta Clinica Belgica (Multilingual Edition) — Vol. 47, no. 3, p. 185-204 (1992)