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    • Journal article
    Review of ‘Learner Corpus Profiles: The case of Romanian Learner English’ by Madalina Chitez
    Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2015) International Journal of Learner Corpus Research — Vol. 1, p. /
    • Journal article
    The phraseological errors of French-, German-, and Spanish speaking EFL learners: Evidence from an error-tagged learner corpus.
    Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2008) Proceedings from the 8th Teaching and Language Corpora Conference (TaLC8) — Vol. /, p. /
    • Journal article
    Using Semantic Latent Analysis to measure coherence in essays by foreign language learners?
    Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2010) Proceedings of 10th International Conferences Journées d'Analyse statistique des Données Texuelles — Vol. /, p. /
    • Speech
    Error-tagged learner corpora for a better working framework?
    Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2011) the Symposium on Writing Assessment in Higher Education: Making the Framework Work (WaSHE) — Amsterdam
    • Speech
    Tense and aspect errors: A developmental learner corpus study
    Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2015) The Third Learner Corpus Research Conference — Radboud University, Nijmegen.
    • Speech
    Rethinking pronunciation teaching practices: A case study
    Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2017) The Belgian Association of Anglicists in Higer Education (BAAHE) conference — Université catholique de Louvain
    • Speech
    The criterial power of accuracy: a learner-corpus approach.
    Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2013) Language Testing in Europe: Time for a news CEFR? — Antwerp (Belgium)
    • Speech
    How can we be of service? Learner corpora to help inform the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
    Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2012) International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English (ICAME 33) — Louvain
    • Speech
    Learner corpora and the CEFR
    Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2017) The 50th Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) — KU Leven
    • Speech
    Capturing the dynamics of L2 accuracy via learner corpora: the case of intermediate and advanced EFL learners
    Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2012) The journée linguistique of the Cercle belge de Linguistique (CBL) — Liège
    • Speech
    Orthographic and morphological errors in learner writing. Automatic and manual annotation methods: a match made in heaven?
    Lefer, Marie-Aude[UCL] Thewissen, Jennifer[UCL] (2007) International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English (ICAME) 28 — Straford-upon-Avon
    • Speech
    Towards a reconciliation of a Can Do and Can't Do approach to language assessment
    Granger, Sylviane[UCL] Thewissen, Jennifer[UCL] (2005) Second Annual Conference of EALTA (European Association of Language Testing and Assessment) — Voss (Norvège)
    • BookChapter
    Error patterns and automatic L1 identification
    Bestgen, Yves[UCL] Granger, Sylviane[UCL] Thewissen, Jennifer[UCL] Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2012) Approaching Transfer through Text Classification: Explorations in the Detection-based Approach —
    • Speech
    Using latent semantic analysis to measure coherence in essays by foreign language learners?
    Bestgen, Yves[UCL] Lories, Guy[UCL] Thewissen, Jennifer[UCL] (2010) 10th International Conference on statistical analysis of textual data (JADT) — Rome
    • Journal article
    Capturing L2 accuracy developmental patterns: Insights from an error-tagged EFL learner corpus
    Thewissen, Jennifer[UCL] Thewissen, Jennifer[USL-B] (2013) Modern Language Journal — Vol. 97, no. S1, p. 77–101