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    • Journal article
    Angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy following ciprofloxacin administration.
    Knoops, Laurent[UCL] van den Neste, E[UCL] Hamels, J. Théate, Ivan[UCL] Mineur, P. (2002) Acta clinica Belgica — Vol. 57, no. 2, p. 71-3 (2002)
    • Journal article
    Diffuse xanthomatosis as a presenting feature of multiple myeloma
    Segner, Sophie[UCL] Théate, Ivan[UCL] Tennstedt, Dominique[UCL] Poire, Xavier[UCL] Marot, Liliane[UCL] Caers, Jo[UCL] (2010) European Journal of Haematology — Vol. 84, no. 5, p. 460-1 (2010)
    • Journal article
    Bortezomib-induced Sweet syndrome.
    Knoops, Laurent Jacquemain, Aurore Tennstedt, Dominique Théate, Ivan[UCL] Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] Van Den Neste, Eric[UCL] (2005) British journal of haematology — Vol. 131, no. 2, p. 142 (2005)
    • Journal article
    Cervical lymphadenitis and cat scratch disease (CSD): an overlooked disease?
    Rombaux, Philippe[UCL] Théate, Ivan[UCL] M'Bilo, T Badr-el-Din, A Bigaignon, Geoffroy[UCL] Hamoir, Marc[UCL] (2000) Acta oto-rhino-laryngologica Belgica — Vol. 54, no. 4, p. 491-6 (2000)
    • Journal article
    Une mastocytose inhabituelle...
    Bafort, Dominique Sempoux, Christine[UCL] Théate, Ivan[UCL] Bohon, Phillippe Jouret-Mourin, Anne (2009) Annales de pathologie — Vol. 29, no. 5, p. 440-2 (2009)
    • Journal article
    Management of extended breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.
    Stas, O Mourin, Elisabeth[UCL] Depaus, Julien[UCL] Hanin, François-Xavier[UCL] Théate, Ivan[UCL] André, Marc[UCL] (2018) British Journal of Haematology — Vol. 9, no.7, p. 279-284 (2018)
    • Speech
    Plasmocytoid dendritic cell leukemia: a case report
    Ninane, C[UCL] Saussoy, Pascale[UCL] Théate, Ivan[UCL] WILMES, Dunja[UCL] Rizk, Rita[UCL] Duhoux, François[UCL] Maerevoet, Marie[UCL] Van Den Neste, Eric[UCL] Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] Vekemans, Marie-Christiane[UCL] (2009) 24th General Meeting of the Belgian Hematological Society — Oostende