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    • Speech
    The environmental effect of tephra: a multidisciplinary study
    Tarasenko, Inga[UCL] Delmelle, Pierre[UCL] (2016) 3d VERTIGO Workshop Germany — Eifel, Germany
    • Speech
    Volcanic ash impact on soil (nov.2015)
    Tarasenko, Inga[UCL] Delmelle, Pierre[UCL] (2015) VERTIGO Mid-Term review Meeting — Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
    • Journal article
    Surface crusting of volcanic ash deposits under simulated rainfall
    Tarasenko, Inga[UCL] Bielders, Charles[UCL] Guevara, Alicia Delmelle, Pierre[UCL] (2019) Bulletin of Volcanology — Vol. 81, no. 5 (2019), p. 30 (2019)
    • Speech
    Tephra-organic matter interaction : bioweathering and mineralization
    Tarasenko, Inga[UCL] Opfergelt, Sophie[UCL] Behncke, B Delmelle, Pierre[UCL] (2015) SSSB 2015 — Royal Academy of Science and the Arts, Brussels
    • Speech
    Towards a mechanistic understanding of the impact of volcanic ash on plants and soils
    Tarasenko, Inga[UCL] Delmelle, Pierre[UCL] (2018) 4th VERTIGO Workshop Azores islands — Azores islands, Portugal