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    • Journal article
    Glucose Modulates Mg-2+ Fluxes in Pancreatic-islet Cells
    Henquin, Jean-Claude[UCL] Tamagawa, T. Nenquin, Myriam[UCL] Cogneau, M. (1983) Nature : international weekly journal of science — Vol. 301, no. 5895, p. 73-74 (1983)
    • Journal article
    Epinephrine Modifications of Insulin Release and of Rb-86(+) Or Ca-45(2+) Fluxes in Rat Islets
    Tamagawa, T. Henquin, Jean-Claude[UCL] (1983) American Journal of Physiology (Consolidated) — Vol. 244, no. 3, p. E245-E252 (1983)