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    • BookChapter
    A Corporate Social Responsibility – Corporate Financial Performance Behavioural Model for Employees
    Gond, Jean-Pascal El Akremi, Assaad[UCL] Igalens, Jacques Swaen, Valérie[UCL] (2010) Global Challenges in Responsible Business: Corporate Responsibility and Strategy — [ISBN : 9780521515986]
    • Speech
    Organizational leadership style and corporate social responsibility
    Du, Shuili Lindgreen, Adam Swaen, Valérie[UCL] Sen, Sankar (2011) 8th Annual Conference of Corporate Identity / Associations Research Group: Ethical Leadership and Marketing in the Stakeholder-Oriented Corporation — Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA
    • Speech
    Enhancing customer participation in loyalty programs
    Bruneau, Virginie[UCL] Swaen, Valérie[UCL] Zidda, Pietro[FUNDP] (2016) European Marketing Academy Conference — Oslo, Norway
    • Speech
    The potential role of CSR in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: Process by which CSR supports employees’ post-merged organizational identification
    De Roeck, Kenneth[UCL] Swaen, Valérie[UCL] (2009) Cross border M&A: Challenges and opportunities in global business environment — Naples, Italy
    • Speech
    Labelling the durability of a product: A work in progress
    Swaen, Valérie[UCL] (2016) CCMS Research Seminar — Louvain-la-Neuve
    • Speech
    Designing and Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility: A Framework Grounded in Theory and Practice
    Maon, François[UCL] Swaen, Valérie[UCL] Lindgreen, Adam (2007) ICCA’s second International Conference: Globalization and the good corporation — Vertical Campus, Baruch College, New York
    • Speech
    De la contrainte sociale au profit économique: l'argument citoyen dans la communication interne des entreprises
    Cultiaux, John[UCL] Swaen, Valérie[UCL] (2001) 17ème Congrès de l’Association Francophone de Gestion des Ressources Humaines — Liège, Belgium
    • Journal article
    Corporate social responsibility: an empirical investigation of U.S. organizations
    Lindgreen, Adam Swaen, Valérie[UCL] Johnston, Wesley (2009) Journal of Business Ethics — Vol. 85, no.Suppl. 2, p. 303-323 (2009)
    • Speech
    Corporate social responsibility – The role of multinational companies in a globalized world
    Swaen, Valérie[UCL] (2015) C(I)RC - Corporate (Ir-)Responsibility and its Consequences in a globalized world Interdisciplinary workshop — Bochum, Germany
    • Speech
    Consumers’ perceptions, evaluations and reactions to corporate citizenship activities
    Swaen, Valérie[UCL] (2002) 15th EMAC Colloqium for Doctoral Students — Braga, Portugal
    • Speech
    Reaching successive levels of CSR: conceptualizing a dynamic framework for the responsible company
    Maon, François[UCL] Swaen, Valérie[UCL] Lindgreen, Adam (2008) Fourth International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics (ISBEE) World Congress — University of Cape Town, Afrique du Sud
    • Speech
    Toward an understanding of consumers’ perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility Crises
    Janssen, Catherine[UCL] Swaen, Valérie[UCL] Vanhamme, Joëlle (2011) European Marketing Academy Conference — University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana, Slovénie
    • Speech
    Corporate citizenship and marketing practices: An empirical study
    Lindgreen, Adam Swaen, Valérie[UCL] Maon, François[UCL] Johnston, Wesley (2008) EBEN-UK Annual Conference: Corporate Social Responsibility: The Management of Ethics in Business — University of Cambridge, Royaume-Uni
    • Speech
    CSR and employees’ post-merger identification
    De Roeck, Kenneth[UCL] Swaen, Valérie[UCL] (2010) 10th European Academy of Management — University of Vergata, Rome, Italie