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    • BookChapter
    The Use of External Instruments by the ECtHR: (Missed) Opportunities for Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    Staes, Dorothea[USL-B] Damamme, Joseph (2017) Global Multilayered Approach to Human Rights: Opportunities and Challenges — [ISBN : 0000000000]
    • BookChapter
    History Watch by the European Court of Human Rights
    de Broux, Pierre-Olivier[USL-B] Staes, Dorothea[USL-B] (2018) The Palgrave Handbook of State-sponsored History after 1945 — [ISBN : 978-1-349-95305-9]
    • Journal article
    Hierarchy, Coordination, or Conflict ? Global Law Theories and the Question of Human Rights Integration
    Staes, Dorothea[FUSL] (2014) Journal européen des droits de l'homme — Vol. 3, no.3, p. 326-354 (2014)
    • Journal article
    L’interdiction de discrimination et l’autonomie des partis politiques
    Staes, Dorothea[FUSL] (2015) Journal européen des droits de l’homme — Vol. 2, no.2, p. 123-144 (2015)
    • BookChapter
    The importation of ‘external sources’ by the European Court of Human Rights. Challenges and opportunities in light of legal certainty.
    Staes, Dorothea[FUSL] (2014) Judicial dialogue in the international legal order. Between pluralism and legal certainty / Le dialogue des juridictions dans l’ordre juridique international. Entre pluralisme et sécurité juridique — [ISBN : 8863425620]