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    • Journal article
    Executive dysfunctions as a good predictor of misuse of respiratory inhalers among hospitalized patients: a prospective survey.
    Voulhoux, Lucie[UCL] Cremer, Gérald[UCL] Spinewine, Anne[UCL] de Saint Hubert, Marie[UCL] Amant, Fabienne[UCL] Sohy, Carine[UCL] Schoevaerdts, Didier[UCL] (2017) Geriatrie et Psychologie Neuropsychiatrie du Vieillissement — Vol. 15, no. 3, p. 264-272 (2017)
    • Journal article
    Tomato-induced occupational asthma in a greenhouse worker.
    Vandenplas, Olivier[UCL] Sohy, Carine[UCL] D'Alpaos, Vinciane[UCL] Nootens, Carine[UCL] Thimpont, Joël Weigand, Daniela Scheurer, Stephan (2008) Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology — Vol. 122, no. 6, p. 1229-1231 (2008)
    • Journal article
    Chat, chien: quelles préventions?
    de Blay, Frédéric Casset, A Sohy, Carine[UCL] (2002) Revue Française d'Allergologie et d'Immunologie Clinique — Vol. 42, no.6, p. 565-568 (2002)
    • Journal article
    Les animaux, l'allergie et l'asthme: quels liens?
    de Blay, F Sohy, Carine[UCL] Casset, A (2002) Revue des maladies respiratoires — Vol. 19, no.6, p. 681-3 (2002)
    • BookChapter
    Mise en jeu des moyens de défense
    Sohy, Carine[UCL] Pilette, Charles[UCL] Sibille, Yves[UCL] (2003) Broncho-pneumopathies chroniques obstructives — [ISBN : 978-2-914206099]
    • Journal article
    Indoor dust and air concentrations of endotoxin in urban and rural environments.
    Barnig, C Reboux, G Roussel, S Casset, A Sohy, Carine[UCL] Dalphin, J-C de Blay, F (2013) Letters in Applied Microbiology — Vol. 56, no.3, p. 161-167 (2013)
    • Journal article
    Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and antibiotics: what studies are still needed?
    Sohy, Carine[UCL] Pilette, Charles[UCL] Niederman, M S Sibille, Yves[UCL] (2002) The European Respiratory Journal — Vol. 19, no. 5, p. 966-975 (2002)
    • Journal article
    Anaphylactic shock following cataract surgery: a documented intracameral cefuroxime allergy.
    Mahiat, C[UCL] Robaye, Shandra[UCL] Levecq, Laurent[UCL] Dumesnil, Dorian[UCL] Sohy, Carine[UCL] (2021) Journal of investigational allergology & clinical immunology — Vol. 32, no. 3, p. 236-238 (2021)
    • Journal article
    Secondary organizing pneumonia associated with sertraline: A case report.
    Trungu, Jetlir[UCL] Pirard, Lionel[UCL] VANDENHOVE, Thibaut[UCL] Stanciu Pop, Claudia Dahlqvist, Caroline[UCL] Sohy, Carine[UCL] (2020) Respiratory medicine case reports — Vol. 31, p. 101141 (2020)
    • Journal article
    Presence in sputum of functional dust mite-specific IgE antibodies in intrinsic asthma.
    Mouthuy, Jonathan[UCL] Detry, Bruno[UCL] Sohy, Carine[UCL] Pirson, Françoise Pilette, Charles[UCL] (2011) American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine — Vol. 184, no. 2, p. 206-214 (2011)