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    • Journal article
    Chiral Resolution via Cocrystallization with Inorganic Salts
    Shemchuk, Oleksii[UCL] Grepioni, Fabrizia Leyssens, Tom[UCL] Braga, Dario (2021) Israel Journal of Chemistry — Vol. 61, no.9-10, p. 563-572 (2021)
    • Journal article
    Simultaneous Chiral Resolution of Two Racemic Compounds by Preferential Cocrystallization**
    Zhou, Fuli[UCL] Shemchuk, Oleksii[UCL] Charpentier, Maxime D. Matheys, Chloé[UCL] Collard, Laurent[UCL] ter Horst, Joop H. Leyssens, Tom[UCL] (2021) Angewandte Chemie International Edition — Vol. 60, no.37, p. 20264-20268 (2021)
    • Journal article
    Combining Racetams with a Sweetener through Complexation
    Leng, Fucheng[UCL] Robeyns, Koen[UCL] Leyssens, Tom[UCL] Shemchuk, Oleksii[UCL] (2022) Crystal Growth & Design — Vol. 22, no.5, p. 3016-3023 (2022)
    • Journal article
    On the pairwise cocrystallization of racemic compounds
    Zhou, Fuli[UCL] Body, Carole[UCL] Robeyns, Koen[UCL] Leyssens, Tom[UCL] Shemchuk, Oleksii[UCL] (2023) CrystEngComm — Vol. 25, no.20, p. 3060-3065 (2023)
    • Journal article
    Complexation: An Interesting Pathway for Combining Two APIs at the Solid State
    Leng, Fucheng[UCL] Shemchuk, Oleksii[UCL] Robeyns, Koen[UCL] Leyssens, Tom[UCL] (2022) Pharmaceutics — Vol. 14, no.9, p. 1960 (2022)