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    • Journal article
    [Therapeutic Aspects of Laparotomy After Digestive Fistula Or After Surgical Intervention for Acute-pancreatitis]
    Reynaert, MS. Otte, Jean-Bernard[UCL] Kestens, PJ. Schmitz, C. Tremouroux, Jean[UCL] (1981) Acta Chirurgica Belgica (Bilingual Edition) — Vol. 80, no. 2-3, p. 83-91 (1981)
    • Journal article
    Synthesis of Conjugated Dienes From Propene Or Other Alkenes By the Ene-type Reaction of Thionium Ions
    Schmitz, C. Harvey, JN. Viehe, HG. (1994) Societes Chimiques Belges. Bulletin — Vol. 103, no. 3, p. 105-114 (1994)