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    • Speech
    Environmentally friendly structural morphology as a step towards an architectural engineering : recent projects by Samyn and Partners
    Samyn, Philippe Capron, Jean-Luc (2000) Bridge between civil engineering and architecture (Proceedings of the 4th International Colloquium on Structural morphology) — Delft
    • Speech
    Typologies d'utilisation de l'aluminium
    Samyn, Philippe Capron, Jean-Luc (1999) Chaire Aluminium 1998-1999 — Mons
    • Speech
    Projects by Samyn and Partners as examples of the Technological Appropriatness of Textile Structures
    Samyn, Philippe Capron, Jean-Luc (2002) The Design of Membrane and Lightweight Structures : from concept to execution — Brussels
    • BookChapter
    Les passerelles du XXI° siècle
    Samyn, Philippe Capron, Jean-Luc (2000) Dynamic City — [ISBN : 88-8118-771-X]
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    CCB - VKB : Refurbishment of an existing office building designed to reduce its energy consumption below 100 kwh/m2 per year
    Samyn, Philippe Wouters, Peter Martin, serge Roger France, Jean-Francois[UCL] (1998) Passive and Low energy architecture International conference PLEA 98 - Environmentally friendly cities — Lisbon