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    • BookChapter
    Photocrosslinked Polyelectrolyte Films of Controlled Stiffness to Direct Cell Behavior
    Saha, Naresh[UCL] Monge, Claire BOUDOU, Thomas Picart, Catherine Glinel, Karine[UCL] (2015) Layer-by-Layer Films for Biomedical Applications — [ISBN : 978-3-527-33589-3]
    • Speech
    Micro-/Nano-patterned Macromolecular Platforms To Control Cell Adhesion
    Glinel, Karine[UCL] Marie, Camille Saha, Naresh Burhin, Cédric (2012) 41ème Colloque National Groupe Fançais des Polymères — Grenoble, France
    • Speech
    Rigidity Patterned Biocompatible Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: Tool to Control Cell Behaviors
    Saha, Naresh[UCL] Monge, Claire Boudou, Thomas Dulong, Virginie Glinel, Karine[UCL] Picart, Catherine (2013) 5th International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterials and Tissues — Sitges, Spain
    • Journal article
    Influence of Polyelectrolyte Film Stiffness on Bacterial Growth
    Saha, Naresh Monge, Claire Dulong, Virginie Picart, Catherine Glinel, Karine[UCL] (2013) Biomacromolecules — Vol. 14, no.2, p. 520-528 (2013)