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    • Speech
    Synthesis of aperture distributions for optimum gain with nose and interference rejection
    Safak, M. Delogne, Paul[UCL] (1973) AGARD Conference Proceedings No.127 Propagation Effects on Frequency Sharing — Rome, Italy
    • Journal article
    Electromagnetic theory of the leaky coaxial cable
    Delogne, P.P. Safak, M. (1975) Radio and Electronic Engineer — Vol. 45, no. 5, p. 233-240 (1975)
    • Journal article
    Cross polarization in Cassegrainian and front-fed paraboloidal antennas
    Safak, M. Delogne, P.P. (1976) IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation — Vol. AP-24, no. 4, p. 497-501 (1976)