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    • Journal article
    A convexity inequality
    Roselli, Paolo[UCL] Willem, Michel[UCL] (2002) The American Mathematical Monthly — Vol. 109, no. 1, p. 64-70 (2002)
    • Speech
    Vector-based, Structure Preserving Stroke Gesture Recognition
    Magrofuoco, Nathan[UCL] Roselli, Paolo[UCL] Perez Medina, Jorge Luis[UCL] Vanderdonckt, Jean[UCL] Villarreal Narvaez, Santiago[UCL] (2019) 25th International Conference on Visualization and Visual Languages — Lisbon
    • Journal article
    Least Energy Nodal Solutions of the Brezis-nirenberg Problem in Dimension N=5
    Roselli, Paolo[UCL] Willem, Michel[UCL] (2009) Communications in Contemporary Mathematics — Vol. 11, no. 1, p. 59-69 (2009)
    • Speech
    Feedup, Feedback, and Feedforward in Curve Mid-Air 3D Gestures
    Burny, Nicolas[UCL] Kieffer, Suzanne[UCL] Magrofuoco, Nathan[UCL] Perez Medina, Jorge Luis[UCL] Roselli, Paolo[UCL] Vanderdonckt, Jean[UCL] Vas, Alain[UCL] (2018) ACM Conf. on Human Aspects in Computing Systems (CHI'18) Workshop on Mid-Air Haptics for Control Interfaces — Montréal
    • Speech
    GestMan : a cloud-based tool for stroke-gesture datasets
    Magrofuoco, Nathan[UCL] Roselli, Paolo[UCL] Vanderdonckt, Jean[UCL] Perez Medina, Jorge Luis[UCL] Vatavu, Radu-Daniel (2019) 11th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems — Valencia, Spain