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    • Journal article
    Cricopharyngeal achalasia: case reports and review of the literature.
    De Caluwe, D Reding, Raymond[UCL] Nassogne, Marie-Cécile[UCL] de Ville de Goyet, J Clapuyt, Philippe[UCL] Otte, Jean-Bernard[UCL] (1999) European journal of pediatric surgery : official journal of Austrian Association of Pediatric Surgery ... [et al] = Zeitschrift für Kinderchirurgie — Vol. 9, no. 2, p. 109-12 (1999)
    • Journal article
    Hirschsprung's disease: a 20-year experience.
    Reding, Raymond[UCL] Gosseye, Serge[UCL] de Ville de Goyet, J Clapuyt, Philippe[UCL] Sokal, Etienne[UCL] Buts, Jean-Paul[UCL] Gibbs, P Otte, Jean-Bernard[UCL] (1997) Journal of pediatric surgery — Vol. 32, no. 8, p. 1221-5 (1997)
    • Journal article
    Intestinal hemorrhage three years after incidental appendectomy by total inversion.
    Reding, Raymond[UCL] Clapuyt, Philippe[UCL] Lengelé, Benoît[UCL] Veyckemans, Francis[UCL] Noël, Henri[UCL] Sokal, Etienne[UCL] Otte, Jean-Bernard[UCL] (1993) European Journal of Pediatric Surgery — Vol. 3, no. 1, p. 59-60 (1993)