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    • Journal article
    Preoperative tracheoscopy in neonates with esophageal atresia.
    Veyckemans, Francis[UCL] Hamoir, Marc[UCL] Rombaux, Philippe[UCL] Van Obbergh, Luc[UCL] Reding, Raymond[UCL] (2002) Anesthesia and analgesia — Vol. 95, no. 6, p. 1827-1828 (2002)
    • Journal article
    Tacrolimus in pediatric liver transplantation.
    Reding, Raymond[UCL] (2002) Pediatric transplantation — Vol. 6, no. 6, p. 447-51 (2002)
    • Journal article
    Chirurgie et immunologie de transplantation: des origines aux nouveaux paradigmes de la tolérance.
    Reding, Raymond[UCL] (2002) Bulletin et mémoires de l'Académie royale de médecine de Belgique — Vol. 157, no. 10-12, p. 439-44; discussion 444-7 (2002)
    • Journal article
    Long-term survival and late graft loss in pediatric liver transplant recipients--a 15-year single-center experience.
    Wallot, Michael A Mathot, Mikaël[UCL] Janssen, Magda Hölter, Tanja Paul, Kilic Buts, Jean Paul Reding, Raymond Otte, Jean Bernard Sokal, Etienne M (2002) Liver transplantation : official publication of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases — Vol. 8, no.7, p. 615-22 (2002)