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    • Speech
    Steroid-Free Immunosuppression Promotes Prope or Operational Tolerance after Pediatric Liver Transplantation.
    Reding, Raymond[UCL] De Magnee, Catherine[UCL] Pire, Aurore[UCL] Janssen, Magdalena[UCL] Brunati, Andrea[UCL] Bourdeaux, Christophe[UCL] (2009) 9th Joint Meeting of the American-Society-of-Transplant-Surgeon/American-Society-of-Transplantation — Boston (Ma)
    • Journal article
    Non-adherence in adolescent transplant recipients
    Aujoulat, Isabelle[UCL] Deccache, Alain[UCL] Charles, Anne Sophie[UCL] Janssen, Magdalena[UCL] Struyf, Catherine[UCL] Pélicand, Julie[UCL] Ciccarelli, Olga[UCL] Dobbels, Fabienne Reding, Raymond[UCL] (2011) Pediatric Transplantation — Vol. 15, no. 2, p. 148-156 (2011)
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    Better maternal liver graft acceptance in pediatric recipients with biliary atresia: a univariate/multivariate study in 207 children
    Guy-Viterbo, Vanessa[UCL] Gurevich, Michael[UCL] Janssen, Magdalena[UCL] De Magnee, Catherine[UCL] Reding, Raymond[UCL] (2015) IPTA 8th Congress on Pediatric Transplantation (International Pediatric Transplant Association) — (United States) San Francisco, CA