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    • Journal article
    A graftable LDV peptidomimetic: design, synthesis and application to a blood filtration membrane.
    Momtaz, Maryam[UCL] Rerat, Vincent[UCL] Gharbi, Sonia[UCL] Gerard, Estelle[UCL] Pourcelle, Vincent[UCL] Marchand-Brynaert, Jacqueline[UCL] (2008) Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters — Vol. 18, no. 3, p. 1084-90 (2008)
    • Journal article
    Synthesis and application of new photocrosslinkers for poly(ethylene glycol)
    Mehenni, Hakim[UCL] Pourcelle, Vincent[UCL] Gohy, Jean-François[UCL] Marchand-Brynaert, Jacqueline[UCL] (2012) Australian Journal of Chemistry — Vol. 65, no. 2, p. 193-201 (2012)
    • Journal article
    Targeted nanoparticles with novel non-peptidic ligands for oral delivery
    des Rieux, Anne[UCL] Pourcelle, Vincent[UCL] Cani, Patrice D.[UCL] Marchand-Brynaert, Jacqueline[UCL] Préat, Véronique[UCL] (2013) Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews — Vol. 65, no. 6, p. 833-844 (2013)