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    • BookChapter
    Towards ‘Green’ Transfer Pricing: Including Environmental Parameters in Transfer Pricing Rules
    Pirlot, Alice[UCL] (2014) Environmental Taxation and Green Fiscal Reform. Theory and Impact — [ISBN : 978-1-78347-817-0]
    • BookChapter
    Environmental border tax adjustments (BTAs): a forgotten history
    Pirlot, Alice[UCL] (2015) Environmental Pricing. Studies in Policy Choices and interactions — [ISBN : 978-1-78536-024-4]
    • BookChapter
    “Quand la fiscalité se met au vert… ”
    Autenne, Jacques[UCL] Pirlot, Alice[UCL] (2013) Les Dialogues de la fiscalité - Anno 2013 — [ISBN : 9782804463366]
    • BookChapter
    Environmental border tax adjustments (BTAs). A Critical Analysis
    Pirlot, Alice[UCL] (2015) Policy within and through law, Maklu-Publishers — [ISBN : 9789046607183]
    • Journal article
    Les interactions entre la fiscalité et la responsabilité soci(é)tale des entreprises
    Pirlot, Alice[UCL] (2014) Annales de Droit de Louvain : revue trimestrielle — Vol. 74, no.3, p. 374-394 (2014)
    • BookChapter
    (Environmental) border tax adjustments in respect of energy taxes: Between limits and possibilities
    Pirlot, Alice[UCL] (2016) Energy Taxation, Environmental Protection and State Aids. Tracing the Path from Divergence to Convergence — [ISBN : 978-90-8722-372-4]
    • Journal article
    The Inadequacy of EU State Aid Law and WTO Law on Subsidies to Regulate Energy Tax Reliefs
    Pirlot, Alice[UCL] (2017) European State Aid Law Quarterly — Vol. 16, no.1, p. 25-33 (2017)
    • BookChapter
    WTO law and state and law on energy tax reliefs : common grounds and differences
    Pirlot, Alice[UCL] (2017) State Aids, Taxation and the Energy Sector — [ISBN : 978-84-9135-353-9]
    • BookChapter
    Aspects fiscaux de la prostitution et des activités qui y sont liées
    Marique, Enguerrand[UCL] Pirlot, Alice[UCL] Traversa, Edoardo[UCL] (2017) Aspects juridiques de la prostitution. Droit pénal, droit administratif, droit social et droit fiscal. — [ISBN : 978-2-8072-0231-3]
    • BookChapter
    The Temporal Application of State Aid Rules to Domestic Tax Measures: A Sensitive Matter
    Pirlot, Alice[UCL] Traversa, Edoardo[UCL] (2019) Time and Tax: Issues in International,EU, and Constitutional Law, EUCOTAX series, vol.62 — [ISBN : 978-94-035-0164-2]
    • Journal article
    The UK Brexit Referendum: A Catalyst to Reform the European Union Institutional Architecture in Tax Matters?
    Traversa, Edoardo[UCL] Pirlot, Alice[UCL] (2016) Intertax : international tax review — Vol. 44, no. 12, p. 878-881 (2016)
    • Journal article
    Juridische grenzen aan milieufiscale maatregelen voor een duurzaam materialenbeheer
    Traversa, Edoardo[UCL] Vanheusden, Bernard Pirlot, Alice[UCL] (2015) Tijdschrift voor Fiscaal Recht — Vol. 2015, no. 489, p. 814-827