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    • BookChapter
    "Elements of evaluation of the Belgian questionnaire on sexual behaviour and attitudes to HIV risk"
    Peto, Danièle[UCL] Marquet, Jacques[UCL] Hubert, Michel[FUSL] (1995) AIDS in Europe. The Behavioural Aspect, Vol. 4: Determinants of Behaviour Change, Ergebnisse sozialwissenschafftlicher Aids-Forschung 16.4 —
    • BookChapter
    Sexual behaviour and HIV risk : towards a relation-based approach
    Marquet, Jacques[UCL] Peto, Danièle[UCL] Hubert, Michel[FUSL] (1995) AIDS in Europe. The behavioural Aspect, Vol. 2 : Risk Behaviour and its Determinants, Ergebnisse sozialwissenschafftlicher Aids-Forschung 16.2 —
    • Journal article
    Reactions to AIDS risks in heterosexual relations: an attempt at typology
    Van Campenhoudt, Luc[FUSL] Peto, Danièle[FUSL] Remy, Jean[FUSL] Hubert, Michel[FUSL] (1993) Acta Urologica Belgica — Vol. 61, no. 1-2, p. 47-54 (1993)