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    A hardware accelerator for image processing applications
    Petit, Laurent[UCL] Legat, Jean-Didier[UCL] (1999) Int'l cost 254 Workshop on Intelligent Communication Technologies and Applications, with Emphasis on Mobile Communications — Neuchâtel (Suisse)
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    Hardware techniques for the real-time implementation of image processing algorithms.
    Legat, Jean-Didier[UCL] Petit, Laurent[UCL] (1999) 2d International Workshop on Compiler and Architecture Support for Embedded Systems. — Washington
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    Design of an IP-Based Modular Architecture for an MPEG-2 Video Decoding Circuit
    Legat, Jean-Didier[UCL] Petit, Laurent[UCL] (1998) International Workshop on IP based synthesis and system design — Grenoble (France)
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    A Low-cost VLIW DSP Architectures for Communication Equipment
    Legat, Jean-Didier[UCL] Petit, Laurent[UCL] (1998) URSI International Symposium on Signals, Systems and Electronics — Pise (Italy)
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    A new processor architecture exploiting ILP with a reduced instruction word
    Legat, Jean-Didier[UCL] Petit, Laurent[UCL] (1998) IEE Colloquium on High Performance Architectures for real-time image processing — London (UK)