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    • Journal article
    Topology discovery at the router level : a new hybrid tool targeting ISP networks
    Marchetta, Pietro Mérindol, Pascal Donnet, Benoit[UCL] Pescapé, Antonio Pansiot, Jean-Jacques (2011) IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications — Vol. 29, no. 9, p. 1-11 (2011)
    • Speech
    Graceful router updates in link-state protocols
    Clad, Francois Mérindol, Pascal Vissicchio, Stefano[UCL] Pansiot, Jean-Jacques François, Pierre (2013) 21st IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP) — Gottingen, Germany
    • Journal article
    Computing Minimal Update Sequences for Graceful Router-wide Reconfigurations
    Clad, Francois Vissicchio, Stefano[UCL] Merindol, Pascal Francois, Pierre Pansiot, Jean-Jacques (2015) IEEE-ACM Transactions on Networking — Vol. 23, no. 5, p. 1373-1386 (Oct 2015)
    • Speech
    Low complexity link state multipath routing
    Merindol, Pascal[UCL /FSA/INGI] Pansiot, Jean-Jacques Cateloin, Stéphane (2009) IEEE INFOCOM 2009 - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Speech
    Quantifying ASes Multiconnectivity Using Multicast Information
    Mérindol, Pascal[UCL] Van den Schrieck, Virginie[UCL] Donnet, Benoit[UCL] Bonaventure, Olivier[UCL] Pansiot, Jean-Jacques (2009) Proc. ACM USENIX Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), — Chicago
    • Speech
    On the impact of Layer-2 on node degree distribution
    Mérindol, Pascal[UCL] Donnet, Benoit[UCL] Bonaventure, Olivier[UCL] Pansiot, Jean-Jacques (2010) Internet measurement conference 2010 — Melbourne, Australia
    • Speech
    MERLIN: MEasure the Router Level of the INternet
    Mérindol, Pascal Donnet, Benoit[UCL] Pansiot, Jean-Jacques Luckie, Matthew Hyun, Young (2011) 7th Euro-NF Conference on Next Generation Internet — Kaiserslautern, Germany