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    • Speech
    A pilot study of fMRI and fiber tracking to monitor effects of irradiation on brain tumour patients
    Orban de Xivry, Jonathan[UCL] Roelofs, Erik Piccoli, Tommaso Veninga, Theo Goebel, Rainer Di Salle, Francesco Lambin, Philippe Baumert, Brigitta (2009) Fourth International Conference on Translational Research and Pre-Clinical Strategies in Radiation Oncology (ICTR) — Geneva, CH
    • Speech
    Is the patient a good detector for in-vivo dosimetry?
    Orban de Xivry, Jonathan[UCL] Janssens, Guillaume Denis, Jean-Marc[UCL] Sterpin, Edmond[UCL] Prieels, Damien Vynckier, Stefaan[UCL] (2012) Belgian Hospital Physicist Association Symposium 2012 — Brussels
    • Speech
    Dosimétrie in-vivo : le patient utilisé comme détecteur
    Denis, Jean-Marc[UCL] Prieels, Damien Janssens, Guillaume Orban de Xivry, Jonathan[UCL] Sterpin, Edmond[UCL] Vynckier, Stefaan[UCL] (2012) Symposium 2012 de la société française de physique médicale — Strasbourg
    • Speech
    An overview of alignment issues for in-vivo image guided proton therapy
    Macq, Benoît[UCL] Orban de Xivry, Jonathan (2015) 10th International Symposium on Medical Information Processing and Analysis, 92870S — Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
    • Journal article
    Diffeomorphic Registration of Images with Variable Contrast Enhancement
    Janssens, Guillaume[UCL] Jacques, Laurent[UCL] Orban de Xivry, Jonathan[UCL] Geets, Xavier[UCL] Macq, Benoît[UCL] (2011) International Journal of Biomedical Imaging — Vol. 2011, no. 1, p. 16 (2011)