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    • Speech
    Inverse Problem Applied to BCI's : Keeping Track of the EEG's Brain Dynamics Using Kalman Filtering
    Lehembre, Rémy[UCL] Noirhomme, Quentin[UCL] Macq, Benoît[UCL] (2006) Proceedings of the 3rd Internationnal Brain Computer Interface Workshop and Training Course 2006 — Graz University of Technology, Austria
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    EEG imaging methods applied to brain-computer interface
    Noirhomme, Quentin[UCL] Macq, Benoît[UCL] (2006) Medical Imaging 2006: Physiology, Function, and Structure from Medical Images — San Diego, CA, USA
    • Journal article
    Single-trial EEG source reconstruction for brain-computer interface.
    Noirhomme, Quentin Kitney, Richard I Macq, Benoît[UCL] (2008) IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering — Vol. 55, no. 5, p. 1592-601 (2008)
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    Analysis and classification of sleep EEG using Wavelets and neural networks
    Brousmiche, Sébastien[UCL] Amouh, Teh[FUNDP] Noirhomme, Quentin[UCL] Kerkhofs, Myriam Macq, Benoît[UCL] (2004) Belgian Association for the Study of Sleep, Autumn Meeting — Tournai
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    Registration of transcranial magnetic stimulation, a visualization tool for brain functions
    Noirhomme, Quentin[UCL] Romero, E. Cuisenaire, O. Ferrant, M. Vandermeeren, Yves[UCL] Olivier, Etienne[UCL] Macq, Benoît[UCL] (2002) Proceedings of 14th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing (DSP2002) — Santorini, Greece
    • Journal article
    Registration and real-time visualization of transcranial magnetic stimulation with 3-D MR images.
    Noirhomme, Quentin[UCL] Ferrant, Matthieu Vandermeeren, Yves[UCL] Olivier, Etienne[UCL] Macq, Benoît[UCL] Cuisenaire, Olivier (2004) IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering — Vol. 51, no. 11, p. 1994-2005 (2004)