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    • Speech
    Using infomercials to communicate about CSR: A way to enhance credibility?
    Janssen, Catherine Swaen, Valérie[UCL] Munten, Pauline[UCL] (2016) 2016 AMS 19th World Marketing Congress — Paris, France
    • Speech
    Enhancing credibility of CSR communication by using infomercials
    Janssen, Catherine Swaen, Valérie[UCL] Munten, Pauline[UCL] (2016) European Marketing Academy Conference — Oslo, Norway
    • Speech
    Curbing product obsolescence issues: understanding life span information framing effects on consumers’ intertemporal choices
    Munten, Pauline[UCL] Swaen, Valérie[UCL] Vanhamme, Joëlle (2016) 6th CSR Research Seminar: Taking corporate responsibility to the next level - Innovative business approaches — Brussels, Belgium
    • Speech
    Impact of reparability information on consumers’ attitudes toward luxury brands
    Munten, Pauline[UCL] Vanhamme, Joëlle (2018) Third Monaco Symposium on Luxury - Luxury, the art of creating emotions in a fast moving and global world — Monaco