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    • Journal article
    A Multi-Stage Very Large-Scale Neighborhood Search for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time-Windows
    Mouthuy, Sébastien[UCL] Massen, Florence[UCL] Van Hentenryck, Pascal Deville, Yves[UCL] (2015) Journal of Transportation Science — Vol. 49, no.2, p. 223-238 (May 2015)
    • Speech
    Toward a Generic Comet Implementation of Very Large-Scale Neighborhoods
    Mouthuy, Sébastien[UCL] Deville, Yves[UCL] Van Hentenryck,, Pascal (2008) 22nd national conference of the Belgian Operations Research Society — Brussels, Belgium
    • Speech
    A multi-stage very large-scale neighborhood search for the vehicle routing problem with soft time-windows
    Mouthuy, Sébastien[UCL] Deville, Yves[UCL] Van Hentenryck, Pascal (2011) 9th Metaheuristics International Conference (MIC 2011) — Udine, Italy, July 2011.