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    • Journal article
    Cell Allocation To the Inner Cell Mass and the Trophectoderm in Rat Embryos During Invivo Preimplantation Development
    Pampfer, S. Vanderheyden, Ivo[UCL] Michiels, B. De Hertogh, René[UCL] (1990) Roux's Archives of Developmental Biology — Vol. 198, no. 5, p. 257-263 (1990)
    • Journal article
    Co-culture of two-cell rat embryos on cell monolayers.
    Pampfer, Serge[UCL] Vanderheyden, Ivo[UCL] Michiels, B.[UCL] De Hertogh, René[UCL] (1990) In vitro cellular & developmental biology : journal of the Tissue Culture Association — Vol. 26, no. 10, p. 944-8 (1990)
    • Journal article
    Decreased inner cell mass proportion in blastocysts from diabetic rats.
    Pampfer, Serge[UCL] De Hertogh, René[UCL] Vanderheyden, Ivo[UCL] Michiels, B.[UCL] Vercheval, M.[UCL] (1990) Diabetes — Vol. 39, no. 4, p. 471-6 (1990)