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    • Speech
    Multiscale modelling of plant water and carbon fluxes with MECHA and CPlantBox
    Couvreur, Valentin[UCL] Lobet, Guillaume[UCL] Heymans, Adrien[UCL] Zhou, Xiaoran[UCL] Meunier, Félicien Passot, Sixtine[UCL] Leitner, Daniel Javaux, Mathieu[UCL] Schnepf, Andrea Draye, Xavier[UCL] (2019) iCROPM2020, Phenotyping and modeling of plant anchorage and physiology — INRA Montpellier, France
    • Speech
    Deciphering soil plant relations with a detailed numerical model
    Javaux, Mathieu[UCL] Couvreur, Valentin Draye, Xavier[UCL] Huber, Katrin Meunier, Félicien[UCL] Schroeder, Natalie Vanderborght, Jan Vereecken, Harry (2015) Modeling plant development from the organ to the whole plant scale — Agropolis International, Montpellier, France
    • Speech
    MARSHAL: a Unique Tool for Breeding Virtual Maize Root System Hydraulic Architectures
    Meunier, Félicien[UCL] Lobet, Guillaume[UCL] Draye, Xavier[UCL] Couvreur, Valentin[UCL] Vanderborght, Jan Javaux, Mathieu[UCL] (2018) Root Research and The Forefront of Science International Symposium (ISRR-10) — Yearim Hotel, Israel
    • Speech
    Optimising root system hydraulic architectures for water
    Meunier, Félicien[UCL] Couvreur, Valentin Draye, Xavier[UCL] Javaux, Mathieu[UCL] (2015) European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly — Vienna, Austria
    • Journal article
    Plant Water Uptake in Drying Soils
    Lobet, Guillaume Couvreur, Valentin Meunier, Félicien[UCL] Javaux, Mathieu[UCL] Draye, Xavier[UCL] (2014) Plant Physiology — Vol. 164, p. 1619-1627 (April 2014)
    • Speech
    Optimizing root system hydraulic architectures for water uptake
    Meunier, Félicien[UCL] Couvreur, Valentin Draye, Xavier[UCL] Vanderborght, Jan Javaux, Mathieu[UCL] (2015) DROPS-EUCARPIA: Recent progress in drought tolerance, from genetics to modelling — Le Corum, Montpellier, France