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    • Speech
    Policy Evaluation and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) Challenges and Answers
    Varone, Frédéric[UCL] Rihoux, Benoît[UCL] Marx, Axel (2004) ESF Exploratory Workshop on Innovative Comparative Methods for Policy Analysis. An Interdisciplinary European Endeavour for Methodological Advances and Improved Policy Analysis/Evaluation — Erfurt, Germany
    • Journal article
    Mini-Symposium: QCA, 25 years after 'The Comparative Method': Mapping, Challenges and Innovations
    Rihoux, Benoît[UCL] Marx, Axel (2013) Political Research Quarterly — Vol. 66, no. 1, p. 167-235 (2013)
    • BookChapter
    Crisp-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Organizational Studies
    Marx, Axel Cambre, Bart Rihoux, Benoît[UCL] (2013) Configurational Theory and Methods in Organizational Research — [ISBN : 978-1-78190-778-8]
    • Journal article
    Comment: getting QCA right
    Fiss, Peer C. Marx, Axel Rihoux, Benoît[UCL] (2014) Sociological Methodology — Vol. 44, no. 1, p. 95-100 (2014)
    • Journal article
    25 années de "QCA" (Qualitative Comparative Analysis): quels chemin parcouru
    Rihoux, Benoît[UCL] Marx, Axel Álamos-Concha, Priscilla[UCL] (2013) Revue internationale de politique comparée — (2014)