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    • Journal article
    Physico-chemical properties of alumina supports modified with silicon alkoxides
    Claude, Vincent Mahy, Julien[UCL] Wolfs, Cédric Lambert, Stéphanie D. (2020) Journal of Solid State Chemistry — Vol. 282, p. 121102 (2020)
    • Journal article
    Metallic or Metallic Oxide (Photo)catalysts for Environmental Applications
    Mahy, Julien[UCL] Hermans, Sophie[UCL] (2022) Catalysts — Vol. 12, no.3, p. 345 (2022)
    • Speech
    Nanoparticles for impedimetric biodetection on paper-based substrates
    Hauwaert, Margo[UCL] Le Brun, Grégoire[UCL] Vandeputte, Josquin Mahy, Julien[UCL] Hermans, Sophie[UCL] Raskin, Jean-Pierre[UCL] (2021) Micro and Nano Engineering Conference – MNE 2021 — Torino, Italy