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    • Journal article
    Full genome sequence of a new polymycovirus infecting Fusarium redolens
    Mahillon, Mathieu[UCL] Decroës, Alain[UCL] Lienard, Charlotte[UCL] Bragard, Claude[UCL] Legrève, Anne[UCL] (2019) Archives of Virology — Vol. 164, no.8, p. 2215-2219 (2019)
    • Journal article
    Detection of the Rice stripe necrosis virus Causing Rice Crinkle Disease and its Vector Polymyxa graminis f. sp. colombiana in Mali
    Decroës, Alain[UCL] Bagayoko, Issiaka[UCL] Mahillon, Mathieu[UCL] Verhaegen, Hanne[UCL] Lienard, Charlotte[UCL] Legrève, Anne[UCL] Bragard, Claude[UCL] (2017) Plant Disease : an international journal of applied plant pathology — Vol. 101, no.12, p. 2155-2155 (2017)