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    • Speech
    Determination of the chemical composition of iron aerosols: A means of tracing the source of iron in the atmosphere
    Desaedeleer, G. Mahieu, Bernard[UCL] Ladrière, Jean[UCL] (1976) International Symposium on the Development of Nuclear-Based Techniques for the Measurement, Detection and Control of Environmental Pollutants — Vienna, Austria
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    A ferrocenyl-bridged intramolecularly coordinated bis(diorganostannylene): Synthesis, molecular structure and reactivity of [4-t-Bu-2,6-{P(O)(O-i-Pr)(2)C6H2Sn}C5H4](2)Fe
    Henn, M Schurmann, M Mahieu, Bernard[UCL] Zanello, P Cinquantini, A Jurkschat, K. (2006) 11th International Conference on Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry of Germanium, Tin and Lead (ICCOC-GTL 11) — Santa Fe(Nm)
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    Study of the spin transition of a new polymeric chain (poster)
    Garcia, Yann[UCL] Mentior, Sophie[UCL] Bhattacharjee, A. Reiman, S. Ksenofontov, V. Mahieu, Bernard[UCL] Gütlich, P. (2003) Colloque du Groupe Francophone de Spectroscopie Mössbauer (GFSM 2003) — Liège, Belgium