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    • Journal article
    Convex Programming and Limit Analysis : Application to von Mises and Gurson Problems
    Pastor, Frank Trillat, Malorie Pastor, Joseph Loute, Etienne[FUSL] (2007) European Journal of Mechanics A - Solids — Vol. 26 (2007)
    • Speech
    Discontinuous stress-based methods of limit analysis and convex optimization
    Pastor, Joseph[UCL] Trillat, Malorie Pastor, Franck[UCL] Loute, Etienne[UCL] (2008) International Symposium Ultimate Limit State — Marne-la-Vallée
    • Journal article
    Stress-based upper-bound method and convex optimization: case of the Gurson material
    Pastor, Franck[FUSL] Trillat, Malorie Pastor, Joseph Loute, Etienne[UCL] (2006) Comptes rendus - Mécanique (C.R.M.) — Vol. 334, no. 4, p. 213-219 (Avril 2006)
    • Journal article
    Ductile failure of cylindrically porous materials : Part II: next term other cases of symmetry
    Pastor, Joseph[UCL] Francescato, Pascal Trillat, Malorie Loute, Etienne[FUSL] Rousselier, G (2004) European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids — Vol. 23, no. 2, p. 191-201 (Avril 2004)