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    • Journal article
    The generosity of the welfare state towards the elderly
    Lefèbvre, Mathieu Pestieau, Pierre (2006) Empirica — Vol. 33, no.5, p. 351-360 (December 2006)
    • WorkingPaper
    Social protection performance in the European Union:comparison and convergence
    Coelli, Tim Lefèbvre, Mathieu Pestieau, Pierre[CREPP, HEC-Management School University of Liège; CORE, UCL] (2008)
    • Speech
    Social security and the well-being of the elderly : three concepts of generosity
    Lefèbvre, Mathieu Pestieau, Pierre[UCL] 16th Annual NBER-CEPR-TCER Conference on financing Retirement — Tokyo
    • Journal article
    Faut-il un ou plusieurs indicateurs d'exclusion sociale?
    Lefèbvre, Mathieu Perelman, Sergio Pestieau, Pierre[UCL] (2005) Revue Belge de Securite Sociale — Vol. 2005, no. 1, p. 59-76 (2005)
    • Journal article
    FGT Old-Age Poverty Measures and the Mortality Paradox: Theory and Evidence
    Lefèbvre, Mathieu Pestieau, Pierre Ponthiere, Gregory (2018) Review of Income and Wealth — Vol. 64, no.2, p. 428-458 (2017)
    • Journal article
    Premature mortality and poverty measurement in an OLG economy
    Lefèbvre, Mathieu Pestieau, Pierre Ponthiere, Gregory[UCL] (2018) Journal of Population Economics — Vol. 32, no.2, p. 621-664 (2018)