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    • Journal article
    The Engagement Process During Value Co-Creation: Gamification in New Product-Development Platforms
    Leclercq, Thomas[UCL] POncin, Ingrid Hammedi, Wafa (2017) International Journal of Electronic Commerce — Vol. 21, no. 4, p. 454-488 (2017)
    • Speech
    The Rise of Gamification in Crowdfunding: Cooperative strategies in a reward-based crowdfunding
    Leclercq, Thomas Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2019) 26th Retailing Advances Research Consumer Services (RARCS) Conference — Tallinn, Estonia
    • BookChapter
    Customer Engagement: The Role of Gamification
    Hammedi, Wafa Leclercq, Thomas Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2019) Handbook of Research on Customer Engagement — [ISBN : 978-1788114882]
    • Journal article
    Brand Discrimination: An Implicit Measure of the Strength of Mental Brand Representations
    Friedman, Mike[FUCaM] Leclercq, Thomas[UCL] (2015) PLoS One — Vol. 10, no.3, p. 1-24 (24 March 2015)
    • Journal article
    Opening the black box of gameful experiences: Implications for gamification process design
    Leclercq, Thomas Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] Hammedi, Wafa (2020) Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services — Vol. 52 (2020)
    • Journal article
    Uncovering the dark side of gamification at work: Impacts on engagement and well-being
    Hammedi, Wafa Leclercq, Thomas Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] Alkire, Linda (2021) Journal of Business Research — Vol. 122, p. 256-269 (2021)
    • Speech
    Exploration of contributors’ profiles on a crowdfunding platform
    Leclercq, Thomas[UCL] Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2017) EIRASS conference — Vancouver, Canada
    • Speech
    Gamification, a flawless strategy?
    Leclercq, Thomas[UCL] Hammedi, Wafa Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2017) EMAC 2017 — Groningen, The Netherlands
    • Speech
    Gamification, a fawless strategy?
    Leclercq, Thomas[UCL] Hammedi, Wafa Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2017) Frontiers in Services conference — New York, USA
    • Speech
    Gamification and Online Communities
    Leclercq, Thomas[UCL] Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2017) 16ème journée du Marketing Digital — Paris, France
    • Journal article
    Dix ans de co-création de valeur: une revue intégrative
    Leclercq, Thomas[UCL] Hammedi, Wafa[FUNDP] Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2016) Recherche et Applications en Marketing — Vol. 31, no.2, p. 1 (2016)