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    • Journal article
    Kupffer cell activation is a causal factor for hepatic insulin resistance
    Lanthier, Nicolas[UCL] Molendi-Coste, Olivier[UCL] Horsmans, Yves[UCL] van Rooijen, Nico Cani, Patrice D.[UCL] Leclercq, Isabelle[UCL] (2010) American Journal of Physiology: Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology — Vol. 298, no. 1, p. G107-116 (2010)
    • BookChapter
    Emerging concepts on pathogenesis of NASH
    Leclercq, Isabelle[UCL] (2013) Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Practical Guide — [ISBN : 978-0-470-67317-1]
    • Journal article
    Inhibition of chlorzoxazone metabolism, a clinical probe for CYP2E1, by a single ingestion of watercress
    Leclercq, Isabelle[UCL] Horsmans, Yves[UCL] Desager, Jean-Pierre[UCL] (1998) Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics — Vol. 64, no. 2, p. 144-149 (1998)
    • Journal article
    NF kappa B, cytokines, TLR 3 and 7 expression in human end-stage HCV and alcoholic liver disease
    Starkel, Peter[UCL] De Saeger, Christine Strain, Alastair J. Leclercq, Isabelle[UCL] Horsmans, Yves[UCL] (2010) European Journal of Clinical Investigation — Vol. 40, no. 7, p. 575-584 (2010)
    • Speech
    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
    Leclercq, Isabelle[UCL] (2010) Séance de l'Académie Royale belge de Médecine — Palais des Académies, Brussels, Belgium