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    • Speech
    Building an executable axiomatisation of the REA2 ontology
    Laurier, Wim[USL-B] Satoshi Horiuchi (2019) 13th international workshop on value modeling and business ontology — The Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University
    • Speech
    From networked students’ centrality to student networks’ density: What really matters for student performance?
    Vignery, Kristel[USL-B] Laurier, Wim[USL-B] (2019) The 10th Conference on Network Modeling and Analysis (MARAMI 2019) — Dijon (France)
    • Speech
    Blockchain Value Networks
    Laurier, Wim[USL-B] (2019) 2019 IEEE Social Implications of Technology (SIT) and Information Management (SITIM) — Matsuyama, Japan
    • Speech
    Three fundamental REA business patterns
    Laurier, Wim[FUSL] Poels, Geert (2007) REA-25 conference – special track on REA business patterns — Newark, Delaware, USA
    • Journal article
    Positioning and Formalizing the REA enterprise ontology
    Gailly, Frédérik Laurier, Wim[FUSL] Poels, Geert (2008) Journal of Information Systems — , no.22 (2008)
    • Speech
    REAP the fruits of REA : An ontological evaluation of Firstness
    Laurier, Wim[FUSL] Gailly, Frederik Poels, Geert (2007) REA-25, A Celebration of the REA enterprise model — Newark, Delaware, USA
    • Speech
    A framework for Open Pattern Languages of Reconfigurable Conceptual Models in MERODE
    Laurier, Wim[FUSL] Poels, Geert (2009) 4th SIKS/BENAIS Conference on Enterprise Information Systems — Nijmegen (Pays-Bas)