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    • Speech
    Cold evoked potentials in patients with disorders of consciousness: a new bedside approach to probe spino-thalamic pathways in non-communicative patients.
    Lejeune, Nicolas[UCL - ULiège - CHN William Lennox - Saint-Luc] Chatelle, Camille Laureys, Steven Mouraux, André[UCL] (2018) 22th congress of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness — Krakow, Poland
    • Journal article
    Randomized controlled trial of home-based 4-week tDCS in chronic minimally conscious state
    Martens, Géraldine Lejeune, Nicolas[UCL] O'Brien, Anthony Terrence Fregni, Felipe Martial, Charlotte Wannez, Sarah Laureys, Steven Thibaut, Aurore (2018) Brain Stimulation : basic, translational and clinical research in neuroscience — Vol. S1935-861X(18)30146-3., first, p. online first (2018)