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    • Journal article
    Probing peptide-inorganic surface interaction at the single molecule level using force spectroscopy
    Landoulsi, Jessem Dupres, Vincent (2011) ChemPhysChem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry — Vol. 12, no. 7, p. 1310-1316 (2011)
    • Journal article
    Biointerfaces Designed Through Directed Collagen Assembly
    Mauquoy, Sara[UCL] Zuyderhoff, Emilienne[UCL] Landoulsi, Jessem[UCL] Kalaskar, Deepak[UCL] Demoustier-Champagne, Sophie[UCL] Dupont-Gillain, Christine C.[UCL] (2014) Journal of Bionanoscience — Vol. 8, no.6, p. 407-418 (2014)