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    • Speech
    MULtisectoral, INtegrated and Operational decision support system for sustainable use of water resources at the catchment scale (MULINO): a Belgian case study
    Romanowicz, Agnieszka[UCL] Vanclooster, Marnik[UCL] Rounsevell, Mark[UCL] La Jeunesse, Isabelle[UCL] (2002) ECSA Local Meeting - Ecological structures and functions in the Scheldt Estuary: from past to future — Antwerp, Belgium
    • Speech
    CLIMB: Thau case study
    La Jeunesse, Isabelle Sellami, Haykel[UCL] Benabdallah, S. Vanclooster, Marnik[UCL] (2011) CLIMB General Assembly — Bari, Italy
    • BookChapter
    Water Rivalries for Identification of Both Competitions and Collaborations over Water at Catchment Scale
    La Jeunesse, Isabelle Gillet , Virginie Aubin, David[UCL] Larrue, Corinne (2013) WATARID 3. Usages et politiques de l’eau en zones arides et semi-arides — [ISBN : 2705687459]
    • Speech
    Water rivalries for identification of both competitions and collaborations over water at catchment scale
    La Jeunesse, Isabelle Gillet, Virginie Aubin, David[UCL] Larrue, C. (2011) Third international conference on "Water ecosystems and sustainable development in arid and semi-arid areas" (WATARID) — Paris (France)
    • Journal article
    The adaptive capacity of local water basin authorities to climate change: The Thau lagoon basin in France
    Aubin, David[UCL] Riche, Cécile[UCL] Vande Water, Vincent[UCL] La Jeunesse, Isabelle (2018) Science of the Total Environment — Vol. 651 (part2), p. 2013-2023 (2018)